Shiatsu – What is it?

Shiatsu is a powerful, safe and effective natural therapy for preventing disease and supporting the individual’s innate powers of recuperation.

Shi ( finger) atsu ( pressure) is a medically recognised Japanese healing art which is becoming increasingly popular.

Based on a full oriental medical system ( the origins of which date back 5,000 years), which explains the human body as an orderly network of energy pathways called meridians, through which flows “Ki”, or life-force. Shiatsu restores the dynamic movements of this Ki within the body, which is the source of health or disease.

Although literally translated as finger pressure, this very effective “hands –on” body therapy also involves stretches, articulation, corrective exercises, and controlled yet effortless use of body weight, to apply firm but non-invasive, gentle, natural pressure, using palms, thumbs, fingers elbows, knees and even feet!

Developing the art of observation and cultivating an understanding of….

  • oriental diagnosis of the whole body
  • our interaction with the environment
  • nutrition energetics
  • exercise therapy
  • 5 element theory, yin/yang theory etc.
  • feng shui
  • relaxation techniques

…… enables a Shiatsu practitioner to strengthen or tonify areas of weakness, and disperse or sedate areas of tension and congestion.

This creates balance, harmony, improved circulation, flexibility and a sense of RELAXATION, WELL-BEING and VITALITY.