Shiatsu Diploma

Introductory Shiatsu Weekend Workshop

Introductory Shiatsu Weekend 6 – 7 April 2013

The Sharda Conference Centre
15 Percy Graham Drive

Cost $295 – Includes Accomodation Saturday Night
Phone 0274 790068 or

e-mail us for more information

Zen Shiatsu is a wonderfully fascinating subject to pursue. The Diploma of Shiatsu is a three year part time comprehensive training  of shiatsu. The Shiatsu College Aotearoa provides a safe, supportive, learning environment, providing you with an opportunity to discover more and more about this inspiring system of health.

International Recognition

The Diploma of Shiatsu meets  international standards and is recognised by the Shiatsu Practitioner Assoc. Aotearoa (NZ) Inc. and the NZ Charter of Health Practitioners Inc.

Diploma of Shiatsu

3 years part-time
4 day block classes 5 per year beginning 26 April 2008


Cost for 2008 –   contact us for latest course fees.


Year 1Shiatsu Foundation Year
This is the first year of the 3 year Shiatsu Diploma course. In this course you will learn and develop fundamental Shiatsu Techniques and theory.

   We begin the year with “what you can’t learn from a book”

  • How to apply the right amount of body weight
  • Correct body posture
  • How to co-ordinate your breath.

This is a practical “hands-on” year with theory interwoven with applied practice.

   Please allow for 2-4 hours Shiatsu practice and homework per week.

Year 2

   Zen Shiatsu becomes a way of being rather than a way of doing.

In the 2nd year specialised subjects and techniques, along with more in-depth theory is learnt and developed.

 Year 3

During the whole training there is an awareness of refining techniques with the understanding and application of Shiatsu to suit individual needs, particularly in the 3rd year. The emphasis this year is on gaining the skills and developing professional and personal competence towards becoming a Health (Shiatsu) Practitioner.

Other Course Requirements.

Students are required to obtain the following certificates at other institutions :

Certificate of Anatomy and Physiology – 100 hours. min. Ask us if you require contact name and telephone for local polytechs or correspondence courses available. This is required for Year 1 Zen Shiatsu Diploma.

First Aid Certificate complying with NZQA units 6400 & 6402.  This is required for Year 3 Zen Shiatsu Diploma.

Recommended Reading.
Zen Shiatsu. by Shizuto Masunaga.
Do-it Yourself Shiatsu by Wataru Ohashi.




Val Cooksley ND.,L.S.O.M.(London), Dip Cosm., Dip Shiatsu.
Director and founder of the Shiatsu College Aotearoa has 30 years extensive Shiatsu clinical and teaching experience. Also qualified as a Naturopath she draws from a vast pool of knowledge and understanding, which she shares with wisdom and compassion. Past President of the NZ Charter of Health Presidential Board. Val originally studied Shiatsu at the East West Centre/Community Health Foundation, London.
She is a member of the Shiatsu Practitioner Assoc Aotearoa (SPAA) Naturopath & a registered Natural Health Practitioner with the NZ Charter of Health Practitioner Inc.