Shiatsu Clinic

Clinic room.

Would you like to experience a Shiatsu Session? Shiatsu treatments are available in our Auckland or Tauranga clinics? Book a wonderful relaxing Zen Shiatsu session at one of our clinics.
What Shiatsu can do for you…..

Shi (finger) atsu (pressure) is a medically recognized Japanese healing art which is becoming increasingly popular; the origins of which date back over 5,000 years.

Zen Shiatsu is a gentle yet effective form of bodywork incorporating Pressure, Stretches, & Corrective Exercises, which has been used for centuries for Relaxation and Sports Injuries.

It is often very effective for common ailments such as Sciatica, Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Fibromyalgia, RSI/OOS, Migraine and Headaches, Digestive Problems, Constipation, Stomach Reflux, Respiratory Problems, Menstrual Difficulties, and General Fatigue.

Our patients have found Shiatsu helpful to relieve discomfort and pain, improve health and general wellbeing.

Shiatsu is also a wonderful relaxing treat to have during pregnancy.

Relieve stress under pressure with SHIATSU

Allow about one hour for your wonderfully relaxing shiatsu (acupressure massage) treatment. Please wear loose comfortable clothing (as no oils are used, the patient remains clothed during Shiatsu.)

Clinic days:
Mondays: New Market,Auckland
Tuesday-Fridays: Welcome Bay, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty

Treat yourself to a shiatsu by New Zealands top Shiatsu practitioner with 30 years of Shiatsu clinical experience.

Please phone the Shiatsu College Aotearoa 0800 SHIATSU (0800 744 2878), (07)544 7164   or mobile (0274) 79 00 68 for an appointment.